Got a little stuck? Don’t know where to go? Stumped by the perplexing conundrum that is Bees? Well look no further; we’re going to party like it’s 2003 and you just printed out a 72-paged walkthrough you found online for the latest gamecube jrpg because you’re 10 and don’t understand the concept of ink costing money.

Welcome to the text-and-screen-shot-based Soul Void walkthrough. While this won’t cover every nook, cranny, and piece of dialogue, it will show you how to finish side quests for the “best” ending, progress through the game, and solve the few puzzles within.


  • There’s 2 side quest steps right at the beginning if you’re going for the “best” end! Once you’ve made it past the Swamp Giant to the first “open” screen, you’ll want to do down. This is the easiest side quest to miss, and the only one that can’t be done after the progress lock.

  • Talk to the NPC by the water, and they’ll tell you they’ve lost a special ring.

  • Go into the water and find the face sprite, which appears to have what you’re looking for, but wants something in return.

  • Directly above it is a crate with some old rusty coins inside. Pick them up, return to the sprite, and swap the coins for a shiny Silver Ring.

  • Return to the NPC and give them their ring back, and you’ll get to hear why it’s so important to them.

  • Congrats! The first side quest is done!


  • For the second quest item, return to the first screen, but go up this time. Head to the right and keep going right past all the smiling sprite faces. You’ll hit a dead end room where the flower girls are chilling.

  • Talk to the smallest flower girl, and she’ll give you a Void Flower. How nice! You’ll need this little flora for later.

  • Return once more to the first screen.

  • To progress, all you have to do is go straight forward (head right) from the nervous soul at the beginning for two screens of darkness, and you’ll pop out on the edge of town.

  • OPTIONAL: Once you make it to the other side, you can go back and encourage the nervous soul to cross too! This isn’t needed for the “best” ending, but they will show back up at the end with some extra dialogue.


  • In town, feel free to get to know the citizens by breaking into their houses and forcibly striking up a conversation. Before you leave however, make sure you go down and follow the path all the way to the last house on a dead end road.

  • Inside, talk to the left-most NPC. She’ll give you A Letter in hopes that you’ll be able to deliver it to her son, given that the boatman has stopped his deliveries.

  • That’s all that’s needed in town, really! To progress, head back to the first screen and go right. You’ll find a staircase that will take you to The Mayor for a little chat. With her blessing, you can keep going right out of town and enter into the Soul Void.


  • After an unfortunate run-in with an unsavory fellow, you’ll find yourself in the Hand Vine Forest. Navigate your way to the next screen on the upper right, then drop down to the bottom of the second screen.

  • Here we’ll find The Thorned, a lost soul who just wants to feel pretty.

  • Give them the Void Flower you picked up to complete the associated side quest!

  • To progress, keep going to the right and past the hand-faced ladies, the second Swamp Giant encounter, and up until you reach a dead end.

  • NOTE: The sprite next to the Swamp Giant will give you A Mother’s Letter, had you missed picking it up in town.

  • Here you’ll meet The Seeker, a friendly face you’ll be seeing a few times. Your nice chat will be rudely interrupted, and you’ll wake up at the first scout outpost.

  • Go into the open tent, and give The Letter to the scout inside to finish the associated quest.

  • To progress, head back to the screen with the hand-faced ladies, and go down through a newly opened path.

  • OPTIONAL: You can head down to another opened path that will lead you to an odd, pit-worshiping ritual. After talking to everyone, you can jump into the pit yourself. This will get you an extra scene right after and some more dialogue at the very end of the game. (It’s a reference to shenanigans that have happened in my livestream, for those confused haha).

  • OPTIONAL: You can return to where you met The Seeker to pick up The Seeker’s Hat. It will come in handy later, but is not necessary for the “best” end.


  • You don’t have to worry about any side quests when you first go through the Mouth Maze, but you may busy yourself with something else.

  • There are 8 Discarded Teeth to pick up while going through the maze (which, in itself, is pretty straight forward). I’ve marked all of their locations on this overview map with a pink circle, while connecting mouths needed to pick up the teeth are designated with smaller, orange/blue/green circles. You should be able to get most of them on your first go-around, but if you need help finding any you missed, you can refer to this map!

  • Once you’ve made it through the maze, a Toothstalk will ask you to give up your 8 teeth in the name of progress. Hand those babies over, and you’re off on your way.

  • OPTIONAL: It’s possible for the Toothstalk to bug out if you talk to it without gathering all 8 teeth in one go, or maybe you just don’t feel like picking up any at all. In that case, talk to Speedrunner Sam, who will bypass the Toothstalk no matter how many teeth you have.


  • After a nasty hallucination, you’ll find yourself in a nastier place: the Blood Cave. Keep going until you run into The Waiting, a poor guy whose been half-absorbed into the cave itself and is waiting for the sweet release of sleep.

  • Talk to him a second time, and he’ll tell you that two major arteries/vein tubes need to be cut to stop the blood flow, allowing him to fall asleep.

  • Head aaall the way towards the right until you hit a room with a platform in it. Head up, and take The Knife lodged in the unfortunate soul’s abdomen.

  • Knife in hand, you can cut the growth on top of the platform to leave the blood cave, but wait! We still need to help out or tall and gangly friend!

  • In the prior room, head up to sever the first vein, then use the vein tube below as a shortcut to take you to the second. This will also unclog the first vein tube shortcut, allowing you to use them freely.

  • From here you can check up on The Waiting to see how he’s doing, or head right on out of the cave. Either way, you’ve completed the next side quest.


  • Out in the Sketchyard, you’ll find The Husk — a struggling artist — has transformed the surrounding void into his own sketchpad. Even still, he’s feeling a bit blue about himself and his work, and could use a motivational pep talk. To start his side quest, talk to 6 of his Scribbles and find out just what’s weighing down his poor mind.

  • The location of his Scribbles are denoted with pink circles on the following overworld map.

  • Having successfully found them all, the dialogue box will change from the left instance to the right, and you’ll have a nice heart to heart with the soul. This will complete his associated side quest.

  • OPTIONAL: Once The Husk is cheered up, you can backtrack to where he drew a picture of his imaginary friends to find a special surprise.


Brushing past another hallucination, you’ll come to The Respite. There’s a few things to do here, but let’s check out the Museum first and foremost.


The Museum has 3 rooms: The first has 8 pedestals that show your side quest progress, the right room has a gallery where you can view NPC art of the cutscene NPCs you’ve met already, and the left room holds a few references as well as a yet-to-be-installed exhibit. Take a second to check it all out, if you’d like.

Currently, you should have 4 side quests done (if you’re following this guide): The Letter, The Flower, The Heart, and The Vein.

  • Outside of the Museum, you can find some Bees. Pick them up, somehow place them gently in the pockets you don’t have, and head through the patch of green flowers right above them.

  • Enter the house, and take A Cookie.

  • With these two quest items, you can safely leave The Respite. But, before we go to the next zone, we need to do everybody’s favorite activity: backtracking.

  • NOTE: A second Void Flower will appear behind the museum if you didn’t pick one up from the flower girls at the beginning. If you did, the backup flower won’t be visible.

  • NOTE: If you’re carrying The Seeker’s Hat, the NPC between the Sketchyard and The Respite will allow you to put it on/take it off.

  • Return to the Mouth Maze (and remember to use the vein tube shortcut to save some time) and talk to the soul that you had to barter with for one of the Discarded Teeth. Give him the Bees to make him one happy little soul and finish the quest step, then return to The Respite.

  • Go up past the Museum, past The Guardian, and across the bridge to get to the new zone.


  • Once you’ve talked to The Seeker and passed by, you’ll find yourself in a white expanse with a lot to check out. Below is a map of the entire area, with important locations numbered and lettered for your convenience. There are no flowers to denote passage here, so simply walk to the edge of each screen to go between them.



  • To reunite the two Leechlet friends, head on up to the marked area in the empty spot of the map. Pick up the Leechlet’s Friend and return to the original one. Talk to it again, and the two will be able to wiggle in sync just like they’ve always wanted. One of the three remaining quests is now finished.


  • Finally, the payoff for retrieving the Silver Ring way at the beginning. Talk to James to assuage him that his SO hasn’t forgotten about him and still loves him, completing the second of the last three tasks.



Give The Cookie you picked up to the Starving Soul to finish the third and final of the remaining quests.

NOTE: Hungry Boi, as I’ve started to call him, has been reported to clam up and not talk sometimes. Because of this, I’ve added a mediator between the player and him. If you find yourself unable to talk to the soul himself, talk to the NPC standing right beside him.

Before we backtrack to the Museum, let’s go ahead and pick up the three keys needed to leave The Emptiness. (If you’ve talked to The Leech and her Leechlets, you can get hints about where they’re located. Or, you know, the labeled map up above can help.)


  • To get the Stuffed Bear, you have to navigate through the darkness with only the stains of a liquid that’s definately not supposed to be blood to guide you. The exact path is highlighted in the second image.



To get the second key, follow where the scarecrow points. Go Forward, Up, Down, and Backwards. You’ll come to find a Glass Bottle sitting in a tire swing, yours for the taking.


  • To get the last key, you have to push the smiley faces out of your way. Red arrow means push first, blue arrow means push second (or another way to think of it: Right smileys go up, left smileys go left.) At the end of this puzzle you’ll get A Broken Frame.

  • With all 3 keys in your possession, head up to the odd screen out in The Emptiness. The first pedestal requires the Broken Frame, the second one needs the Stuffed Bear, and the third the Glass Bottle.


  • Don’t go through the last door just yet! It’s time to head back to the Museum (you could also do this before you get the keys, whichever you prefer.)


  • With all the exhibits completed, go ahead and interact with the newest item that will have appeared in the left-most room. This will guarantee you the “best” ending. If you don’t want to go through all the trouble and backtracking to get this ending, don’t sweat it too much! The normal ending is still good; the “best” ending just nets you extra dialogue and an “ooooh but what if” hook.

  • Go allll the way back to the final door in The Emptiness, and head through.

  • OPTIONAL: You can now check out the final portrait in the gallery room of the Museum, along with images of The Shattered Seeker and The Leech (given that you talked to her).

To recap what we’ve done:

  • [A lost soul fears they’ve been forgotten]: Retrieved the Silver Ring at the beginning, then talked to James.

  • [A lost soul is starving]: Picked up a cookie from The Respite house, then gave it to Hungry Boi.

  • [A mother wants to give her son a letter]: Picked up a note from in town, delivered it to a scout in the first outpost.

  • [A lost soul has lost their friend]: Reunited the two Leechlets in The Emptiness.

  • [A lost soul wishes they were pretty]: Picked up a flower and gave it to The Thorned in the Hand Vine Forest.

  • [A lost soul feels down about their work]: Read through The Husk’s insecurities and gave them a pep talk.

  • [A lost soul is tired of being awake]: Stopped the blood flow in the Blood Cave to let The Waiting rest.

  • [A lost soul wishes for company]: Gave the tooth-bartering NPC some bees, which were picked up in front of the Museum.


  • After getting yelled at by the big bad, you’ll be set down in a bite-sized, messed-up version of the void. Going through it should be rather linear, but if you need help where to go to next, this map shows you (with funky color-coordinated arrows) where you go through and pop out on each screen.

  • Once you get to the scene with the final Seeker’s Journal, you’re set on a no-going-back path to the end.

  • NOTE: If you’ve picked up The Seeker’s Hat and/or have been wearing it this whole time, you’ll have the ability to return it to The Seeker before you go through the final final door and confront the big bad.


  • When all’s said and done, you’ll be back safe and sound in town. Feel free to talk to everyone before you go, and hear some special dialogue for the souls you helped out along the way. On returning to The Greeter to end the game, you’ll pass by slightly smaller versions of The Leech and The Waiting, who have a present to give you. Pick it up, then get ready to go home.

  • Aaaand there it is! I hope you Enjoyed playing Soul Void, and that this guide was of use to you if you needed it. Thank you very much for checking out the game :)