Kadabura is a 25-year-old Georgia-based artist and writer who enjoys working in multiple art styles.

Strengths include character design, character illustrations on flat color backgrounds, and aesthetically-spooky sketches. Also comfortable with creative writing involving world building, character dialogue/interactions, and flavor text.


Twitter: @KadaburaDraws

Ko-fi: Kadabura

✉️ Kadaburabusiness@gmail.com

(Commissions are currently closed)

Notable Mentions:

⭐ Created pixel art visuals for producer Snail’s World of Slime tour.

⭐ Created the base visual concept for the Manic Grineer that was modeled and added to Warframe in 2015 by Digital Extremes.

⭐ Worked on title cards and con prints for the youtube channel “Super Best Friends Play / TheSw1tcher”.

⭐ Created a design for Slime Rancher sold on For Fans By Fans.